Probate, Administration and Surrogate’s Court Practice

Probate and Administration is all about access.  Following a loved one’s death, if the surviving heirs are unable to obtain access to certain assets or sell certain properties without Court Approval then Probate or Administration will be necessary.  If there was a Will, then a Probate Proceeding can be commenced.  If no will is discovered then an Administration must be prepared.  The end result of these proceedings should be Court Appointment of an Executor or Administrator to collect and manage assets, pay bills and taxes and distribute funds. 


Surrogate’s Court Practice is the detailed work that surrounds Estates including contests of Wills, disagreements regarding Trusts or Fiduciary concerns.  This is litigation designed to protect proper heirs, an individual’s estate and an individual’s testamentary intent.  Sloan and Feller is here to listen to you and make sure that a loved one’s Estate is being properly managed.